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Fountain of Youth -  Colorful Bellydance Costume

“Gather ye rosebuds while ye may…” This is a joyful costume evoking a feeling of innocence, youth and spring time in the countryside. Intricately beaded background of turquoise with multicolored flower bunches all around bra & belt and multicolored fringe. Can go with almost any bright skirt/veil combination. 

Content: bra, belt, and skirt.

Measurements shown are maximum size. All costumes adjustable to smaller sizes.

Bra -34.5 C or B with padding

Belt - 33.5 in around hips

Skirt - blue -purple shiny satin, the waist band is expandable 26-37 inches, length is 37 inches

Fountain of Youth

SKU: 1008
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